Serious websites and large stores spend much time and huge amounts of money on SEO optimization to improve their websites’ visibility in search results. Getting top search engine positions is a high priority for lots of stores since top positions bring potential customers.

Magento SEO ENGINE extension is a real time saver for you, if you have to improve your search engine positions. This Magento extension helps you to increase your ranking positions and reduce time spent on optimization. We highly recommend you to use this extension if you want to take a serious approach to SEO for your Magento site.

With Magento SEO ENGINE you can generate SEO and user-friendly product URL Keys based on product attributes. For example, you can set a template “[name]-[{color} color]-[categories]-[sku]” and it will be transformed into “apple-macbook-pro-ma464ll-a-15-4-notebook-pc-silver-color-computers-laptops-ma464ll-a.html”. This SEO ENGINE allows you to select all products and set them a template, as well as assign different templates to different product groups with store division (different URL Key templates for different languages). Besides generation of URL Keys, this extension allows you to reach higher rankings in search engines with the help of Title, Description and Meta keywords dynamic templates. It transforms all meta information and makes your products SEO friendly just in a few minutes!

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